I believe a truly happy life comes from listening to your intuition, exploring your curiosity and forging your own path...

Are you ready to turn your creative mosaic practice into a successful business?

I'm here to tell you that you can do it...

in your own way, aligned with your values and lifestyle.

Independence is Awesome.

That's pretty much the bottom line.

Do you want to feel free to do what you love? Who doesn't?! Especially in these changing times, many of us are more drawn to working on our own terms, prioritizing work-life balance and focusing on what helps us thrive as humans.

Building out some part of a fulfilling creative practice into a business is a way to author your own story. Being a creative person does not mean you can't be a boss at business.

You can do it in your own way!

I've been doing it for 30 years.

I'd love to teach you how.

People have been asking me for years...

"When are you going to offer your Business of Mosaics course online?"

Inspired by in-person weekend seminars I've offered over the past fifteen years in the Business of Mosaics, I greatly expanded the content to create a new, in-depth, online Business of Mosaics Masterclass.

A one-of-a-kind professional development course focusing on the multiple facets of launching, managing and growing a successful mosaic business… while maintaining a mindful work-life balance.

I'm thrilled to offer my newly updated and greatly expanded, comprehensive Business of Mosaics Masterclass online. This a rich-format, asynchronous course you can do at your own pace, in your own space.

Laurel True teaching

Please join me for:

Business of Mosaics Masterclass:

A Roadmap for Creative Professionals

Everything you need to mindfully launch or grow your

professional mosaic practice.

I like to refer to this as Staying Happy, Balanced and Paid.

Get ready to:

Transform your creative practice into a professional practice.

Generate income doing something you love.

Learn how to define, direct and build a mosaic business

in a way that works for you!

Laurel True with team large mosaic mural in Haiti
In this professional development course, I'll share with you business strategies I've distilled over my 30 years of experience -- doing hundreds of projects including commissions, public work, community projects, decorative work, and studio work that I exhibited and sold.

I want you to create your dream business.

One that fits you in scope and size, and that nurtures you personally, professionally and financially by implementing strategies that lead to success... Balancing personal and professional goals, working with your strengths and being exactly who you are!

You can start big or you can start small. This is a great course for those just getting started or for those expanding their practice.


Do you want to sell your work but not sure how to price it? Or identify the right markets?

Are you interested in doing commissioned work but unsure how to navigate the process or charge correctly?

Have you done a commission or project for which you weren't properly compensated?

Does the idea of writing a contract or proposal freak you out?

Are you worried about taking on too much or becoming overwhelmed?

I hear you. I get it. I understand.

This is exactly why I created the Business of Mosaics Masterclass.


Imagine understanding exactly what goes into pricing your work...and feeling confident about it.

Imagine being able to bid an architectural commission (or any commissioned work) so that you turn a profit.

Imagine being able to navigate the process of creating commissioned work for clients and customers in a way that feels natural and professional.

Imagine being able to write professional contracts and proposals like a boss.

Imagine being able to create a business from your mosaic practice that is enjoyable, manageable and profitable.

Sound pretty awesome?

The Business of Mosaics Masterclass breaks all this and more down in detail, offering actionable techniques and step-by-step trainings with an eye on business sustainability and your well-being.

I use real-life examples to lay out specific approaches to building your business in a way that works for you. Everything is scalable. The course content is applicable to anyone who wants to monetize some aspect of their mosaic practice.

In the Business of Mosaics Masterclass...

You will learn exactly what goes into pricing your decorative, functional and exhibition work.

You'll learn how to write engaging proposals and tight contracts, using real-life samples and templates.

You'll learn proven and reliable techniques for bidding commissioned and architectural projects so you turn a profit.

You'll learn how to communicate and interface with clients, customers and project stakeholders with confidence and professional savvy.

You'll learn how to charge for architectural commissions
and community projects, and apply and create budgets for public art projects.

You'll learn techniques for mindfully approaching, building and growing your business in a way that works for you. On a scale that works for you.

Course Benefits

Your investment includes:

+ 135 instructional videos, organized by Module in easily digestible lengths, delivered in accessible, real world language

+ 225 pages of course materials organized by module

+ Over 80 pages of supplementary materials including proposal and contract templates, pricing worksheets, step-by-step working methods, targeted resources by Module and more

+ Access to a private online forum to connect with Business of Mosaics Masterclass learners and alumni.

Enrollment opens again September 2024.

Combining the knowledge I've gained over the past three decades, I've created a curriculum including 12 easy-to-absorb instructional modules that lay out my approach, strategies and philosophy.

Course materials include over 225 pages of printable written material, 135 video lessons, and more than 30 supplemental, downloadable PDFs (including contract and proposal templates, worksheets for project pricing, real-world example scenarios, helpful exercises and resources).

colorful mosaic mural

This course is an official MBA for artists!

Laurel True is your trustworthy, generous, and intelligent guide in the Business of Mosaics Masterclass. As a world-class mosaic artist, humanitarian, savvy businesswoman, and gifted teacher, she shares a lifetime of lessons in a very organized, thoughtful, and professional course.

This course is the most helpful and thorough art and business class I've ever taken.

I feel that I know who I am, what I want, how to get it, and the cost to get there, while keeping a happy work-life balance.

- Katie W, Business of Mosaics Masterclass Graduate


Enrolling in the Business of Mosaics Masterclass was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

While I’m newer to mosaics, I feel an incredible passion and love for them and knew early on that I’d like to make them a big piece of my life and my future.

Laurel’s class truly has it all — from soul-level guidance and support to ensure that you are building a business that makes you happy, fulfills your creative desires, and gets you paid; to concrete business advice and templates/resources on everything from pricing to contracts to copyright.

I know that this information and all of these resources will serve me for decades to come and I couldn’t be more grateful for the chance to take this course. It’s truly one-of-a-kind and Laurel’s commitment to help other artists is inspiring. 

- Monica F, Business of Mosaics Masterclass Graduate

Online Learning That Fits Your Schedule

Since the course is online you can access it from anywhere. And because it’s recorded, it’s accessible to you at your own pace. Perfect for all schedules.

Course content is available as soon as you register.

Course content is evergreen - meaning you can access it at your own pace and come back to it later. You don't have to finish the course in four weeks. You can take as much time as you need to absorb the material. The coaching sessions are optional, but many students love the connectivity of a cohort of learners.

We all learn differently and our schedules vary. That's why I've created digestible, manageable bites of information that offer you freedom and flexibility. I want you to learn in a way that works for you!

What Students Have to Say...

The structure was perfect - many modules with short videos made learning easier to digest and to refer back to. I was 100% focused during each Module.

- Shelley B, Business of Mosaics Masterclass Graduate


I am really impressed with how you have organized the modules into bite-sized info, and your lectures are digestible and super interesting. I was prepared to be overwhelmed, but it is meaty without being overly heady. You are a truly great teacher.

- Katie W, Business of Mosaics Masterclass Graduate


The course structure and platform were perfect for me. I was able to do (the lessons) at my own pace. When I was really busy and didn't have a lot of time I could watch just a bit at a time and still make progress. I was able to take breaks and look up the suggested references and website. Platform was very easy to use and I appreciated all the downloadable PDFs.

- Kathy S, Business of Mosaics Masterclass Graduate


I am really enjoying your Business of Mosaics class! I am happy to tell you I had a new commission inquiry yesterday! Thank you for being so generous and organized with information on moving forward with turning my love of mosaics into a profitable business! 

- Jennifer K, Business of Mosaics Masterclass Student


The book of printouts (course handouts) is exactly what I need as a reference at this point! The knowledge in it is thorough and spot-on in every module. The information was easy to digest and it is the BEST info I could get for my situation. 

This course is a huge asset for an artist wanting to make a business out of their creative practice! I would absolutely recommend this course to others!

The course was concise and full of pertinent information. It was well-organized in timing and topics, with a boat load of info! All presented by a beautiful, witty and wise woman.  

- Ippy F, Business of Mosaics Masterclass Graduate


Thank you again for such an amazing course and experience. I can't say enough how much I enjoyed the course and getting to interact with you and the other students!

- Monica F, Business of Mosaics Masterclass Graduate

What You'll Learn in the Course...

The Business of Mosaics Masterclass will take you beyond the basics. I'll share my proven business strategies, principles and working methods that I have been using in my professional practice for decades.

You may be interested in developing or growing a professional practice around commissioned work, architectural applications, public art, community projects or some combination of these.

Or maybe you're interested in the ins and outs of exhibiting your work, developing pricing strategies or popping out one part of your mosaic practice and making it into a part-time gig.

Whatever your goals and interest, I have created this course so that you can use the information to launch or develop a business that works for YOU.

Course topics include:

• Mindful approaches to work-life balance

• Valuing your ideas

• Professional mindset

• Presentation, promotion and marketing

• Setting up a mosaic business

• Sourcing opportunities

• Creating effective design and production contracts

• Creating project budgets and proposals for commissioned, architectural and community-based work

• Calculating business expenses, overhead and profit 

• Pricing your work

• Curating your business practice so it continues to generate income and foster well-being

• Sustainability and change

Course Modules: Overview

Course modules offer an interdisciplinary approach to business -- combining mindfulness and business strategies specific to your creative practice.

Modules 1 - 3 focus on mindset, motivations and goals, visioning and mindfulness as a business asset.

Modules 4 - 7 focus on presenting yourself and your business, specialization, market identity, nuts and bolts around launching, formalizing and building your business, and getting your work out there.

Module 8 is a Big One. It focuses on pricing decorative, functional and work for exhibition, as well as architectural and community-based work. I include real-life examples and pricing worksheets. This module has gotten lots of amazing feedback.

Module 9 is another Biggie. It focuses on creating contracts and proposals specific to your projects. I show lots of examples for commissioned, architectural and community-based work and offer templates for you to use.

Module 10 focuses on public art, including finding opportunities and applying for projects, as well as navigating the process of creating presentations, proposals and budgets.

Modules 11 - 12 focus on staying happy, balanced and paid; navigating and honoring change; and on ongoing success and sustainability.

The 12 Modules

Start from a Place of Freedom

Motivations, Goals and Vision

Mindfulness as a Business Asset

Presenting Yourself and Your Business

You Do You: Specialization, Diversification and Market Identity

Nuts and Bolts: Launching and Formalizing Your Mosaic Business

Building Your Mosaic Business: Getting Your Work Out There

Show Me the Money

Be a Contract Boss: Creating Proposals and Contracts

Applying for Public Projects: Strategies for Success

The Art of the Pivot

Ongoing Success and Sustainability

I really resonated with the lessons around creating a vision and maintaining mindfulness and authenticity in your business. 

I appreciated her supportive attitude throughout the modules, her belief in everyone’s ability to succeed in this business, and her reminders to regularly engage in self-reflection to guide us going forward. 

-Monica F, Business of Mosaics Masterclass Graduate

Course materials include:

  • Sample Proposals and Contracts
  • Contract Templates
  • Project Pricing Worksheets
  • Worksheets for Calculating Materials
  • Templates for Check Lists and Action Plans
  • Step-by-step Working Methods
  • Easy exercises designed to foster a mindful approach to your business
  • Extensive Resource Lists

What Students Are Saying...

This course is just amazing… so succinct and on point.

Every bit of info is valuable.


This course is a game changer.


The amount of information included is really priceless!


The information is valuable and there's a lot of it.


I've signed up for a couple of online courses now, and looked at others. Yours is the most professionally put together I've seen.


I appreciated the high level of professionalism that was evident throughout the course, and that the contracts and other documents had obviously been written with legal assistance.


I have been surprised by how much I’ve already focused my business goals thanks to Laurel’s class. I would recommend this class to anyone starting a mosaic business.


(The course) has already made an impact on my business as I am now super confident about how to answer inquiries for commissions and how to price them… I no longer agonize over pricing.


Some of my biggest take-aways were the affirmations to be authentic to your values…a big aha was the concept of multipotentialism as an asset.

It reminded me that these things are my strengths, and it also made me really review my experiences and understand that what I thought what was lacking in me is actually a strength.

The course platform was easy to navigate, the gradual roll-out of the modules, followed by weekly office hours was a perfect set-up. I really appreciated the office hours and the chance to not only interact with Laurel, but also to meet a group of accomplished artists working through their business challenges. 

The information was easy to digest and while some of it isn’t directly applicable to me now as I’m still new to mosaics, I know that it will be extremely helpful down the road. I think this course is absolutely an asset for an artist who wants to make a business out of their creative practice and would strongly recommend this course to others.

-Monica F, Business of Mosaics Masterclass Graduate


I could not have done this class if it was not self-paced so I could do it on my own time. I appreciated the multiple learning styles available with the videos and being able to follow along in the handouts. 

-Nadia K, Business of Mosaics Masterclass Graduate

What you’re doing for this industry is unprecedented.

- Lillian Sizemore, Mosaic Artist and Scholar

This is the best online class I have ever taken!

- Kathy S, Business of Mosaics Masterclass Graduate

This is not just another business course. It’s specific to mosaic artists and artisans.

In addition to the many business modules, it guides one to explore what they really want their business to BE - specific to their desires and needs, balancing nuts & bolts training with what will work for YOU.
- Christy P, Business of Mosaics Masterclass Graduate

Course Curriculum

I invite you to watch the welcome video, as well as the first three lectures of Module 1.

Each module has between 5 and 10 lectures, with most lectures ranging from a few minutes - 20 minutes (a few are longer). All lectures are broken down into sections that are easy to digest.

There is a huge amount of content in this extremely complete course.

  Start Here!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Welcome, Resources and Course Handouts
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 1: Start from a Place of Freedom
Available in days
days after you enroll
  2: Motivations, Goals and Vision
Available in days
days after you enroll
  3: Mindfulness as a Business Asset
Available in days
days after you enroll
  4: Presenting Yourself and Your Business
Available in days
days after you enroll
  5: You Do You: Specialization, Diversification and Market Identity
Available in days
days after you enroll
  6: Nuts and Bolts: Launching and Formalizing Your Mosaic Business
Available in days
days after you enroll
  7: Building Your Mosaic Business: Getting Your Work Out There
Available in days
days after you enroll
  8: Show Me the Money
Available in days
days after you enroll
  9: Be a Contract Boss: Creating Proposals and Contracts
Available in days
days after you enroll
  10: Applying for Public Projects: Strategies for Success
Available in days
days after you enroll
  11: The Art of the Pivot
Available in days
days after you enroll
  12: Ongoing Success and Sustainability
Available in days
days after you enroll

Discover how to work with your own strengths and wiring to create a business from your mosaic practice that has meaning, and continues to inspire you.

Ready to take the leap?

Investing in your own success can be transformational!

 I hope you'll join me!

This course is closed for enrollment.

I view the Business of Mosaics Masterclass as an investment in myself.
The amount of information included is really priceless!

Laurel is an amazing teacher and artist, and to have access to her and her process, in this format, was well worth the investment.

Laurel’s experience, philosophy, humor, and the volumes of material and videos she provides is equivalent to taking a college or university course for credit. It’s that good.

You can't put a price on confidence. This course builds it!
- Shelley B, Minnesota


The class pays for itself! 

Not only did it provide the knowledge to help me successfully bid on commissions with an appropriate profit, but also I am confident that my contracts cover the salient points and protect me.

- Christy P, Florida

This course allowed me to write a proposal that was realistic as far as timing, costs, and conveying what was involved…The learnings from the Business of Mosaics Masterclass helped me manage my own expectations and timelines as well as those of my potential clients.

Without this course I surly would have quoted a number way to low, a timeline too tight, not turned a profit, and would have been discouraged by the project.

I am going to have my first profitable year!

- Shelley B, Minnesota


I have a great deal of confidence as a mosaic artist, professional, and business owner due to years of studying with Laurel.
Her Business of Mosaics course has given me the confidence to:

Market my business effectively

Understand and stand my ground with contractual issues, payment and timelines

Maintain good boundaries, personally and professionally, and stick to my values and goals

Not undersell my work!
- Vicki M, Ohio


I'm so glad I took the Business class! The Business of Mosaics has been by far the best class for leading my business to success…and in establishing a profitable mosaic business.

I referred to my binder just before a meeting today about an upcoming mural!

I can't thank you enough for putting this all together in a big format and offering it as a Masterclass. I especially like having it in both print and in video format, so I can go back and review - and feel assured that I'm not forgetting something important in the planning or execution of my projects.

I'm a total lover of checklists, so those help me particularly, taking me from the initial offer letters through to the final celebration of a finished project.

The first chapters, addressing defining my business and determining what kind of mosaic business I actually want, helped me understand and confirm what I’m striving for, and what I’m capable of.

Your Masterclass has given me the lasting reward of augmenting my hands-on training with professional business education.

I'm convinced that the money spent on the class was absolutely more than worth it.

Barbara B, California

More from Business of Mosaics Alumni...

The course was excellent.
- Miriam S, Wisconsin


The information is valuable and there's a lot of it.
I've signed up for a couple of online courses now, and looked at others. Yours is the most professionally put together I've seen.
This course helped me get a more realistic picture of being in business and consider what will make me ready. (The course) provided me with information about what I would need to sell (my art) and seek public art projects - a roadmap.

I appreciated the high level of professionalism that was evident throughout the course, and that the contracts and other documents had obviously been written with legal assistance.

The info was easy to digest, especially being able to go at my own pace.

I would also recommend this course to artists in different media because many of the lessons are applicable to any art form.
- Kathy S


The nuggets of wisdom and concrete steps that Laurel shared helped me focus and fine-tune how I am organizing my business.

(The course) has already made an impact on my business as I am now super confident about how to answer inquiries for commissions and how to price them…I no longer agonize over pricing.

The “ahas" that pop up throughout the course are mind-altering. The information was easy to digest and applied to my business. All questions I had swirling around were either specifically answered or were connected to “ah ha” moments.
This course is an asset for artists wanting to make a business out of their creative practice. (I would) absolutely recommend it to others.
- Shelley B, Minnesota


This is the best online class I have ever taken.

...This is a serious, practical course that has changed my attitude, confidence, abilities and vision of myself and my mosaic business. I have taken lots of business and art classes, and never found anything that addresses the particular needs of an individual mosaic artist and her business like this class. This course is a game changer for artists wanting to make a business out of their art; it helps establish in detail what it takes to make money, be happy and truly successful as an artist in business.

I would totally recommend this course to artists who are serious about pursuing mosaics as a business, and lots of parts of this (are applicable) to other artisans or fine artists.
- Katie W, Washington

The [Business of Mosaics Masterclass] course has already made an impact on my business as I am now super confident about how to answer inquiries for commissions and how to price them. I am about to justify the costs that are wrapped up in creating a piece of art and no longer agonize over the pricing aspect.
The amount of information included is really priceless!


Module 9 [Contracts} is a book! This course is an official MBA for artists. I mean, wow. Epic. You have answered all the questions that I secretly had but didn't know how to address; how to show up in a really professional way, and how to protect my art and business in a public sphere...Module 8 [Pricing Your Work} is very empowering because you are taking us by the hand and running the numbers together. I love that you don't just give concepts, you explain the "how to" and then practice the real-life examples.  

The pricing structures were really helpful…such as the artist fee vs production costs and how to value and calculate project budgets
-Nadia K, California

Your teaching is such a marriage of left and right brain; being able to organize, clarify, and communicate what the right brain creates and is feeling is superhuman. The more I learn, the more I know exactly what I need to do, and how to do it… AND how much work it all is. The architectural projects are a staggering amount of work and energy. Without knowing the details ahead of time, I think it could be overwhelming so I'm glad you spell out the details for big projects, commissions, and big community projects. 

Your superpower is knowing what people are thinking and answering it. I see the cohesive “why” running through every lesson and module, and how you are constructing and scaffolding our learning. It is all coming together as the whole picture for the first time!! I see the light!

There is a lot of value in just the handouts for this [Module 9- Contracts]. Because I work closely with attorneys, I recognize a lot of attorney work product here ($$$). So nice to have it all laid out and we just have to pick it up!
...This course will save me SO MUCH time, effort, frustration, and overheated brain cells. I really appreciate being the beneficiary of your extensive experience.
- Kathy S


I wouldn't have had a clue how to create a budget or write a proposal…if I had not taken your Business of Mosaics course.
I really so appreciated the detailed advice and info in Modules 7-9 – they were really spot on where I’m at right now. I under-budgeted [a project] I completed last year, but now have tools and confident attitude to ensure that doesn’t happen again.
- Susanne T, California


I’ve really enjoyed digging into the material. The deeper we get, the more beneficial. I just discussed a commission with a local business owner, so I’m jazzed about doing this professionally!

- Stevie S, Oklahoma


The Business of Mosaics Class was a wonderful adventure. Laurel is an awesome tour guide who knows exactly where she’s going, but allows her students to take meaningful side-trips along the way. Her goal is clearly to help you find your true path (no pun intended) without pushing you in a direction that may not be right for you.

As a retired art teacher of 35+ years I can attest to the fact that Laurel is a powerful teacher. She guided us thoughtfully and masterfully through crucial steps in helping us clarify our desires and goals in beginning to formalize our business intentions.

The most valuable element of the course for me was two fold. First the section on vision, motivations and goals really helped me focus on my purpose and begin the process of aligning my professional desires with my personal needs. Secondly, the templates and business practices helped me realize how valuable having sample proposals and contracts to look at and discuss can be for the nuts and bolts of your business. The first contact I wrote for a commission piece after Laurel’s class was a real eye opener for me. I felt so empowered when I had no anxiety with my client; I just knew we were on the same page thanks to Laurel's guidance.

One of my favorite parts of the class were the weekly office hours. It was fun to get to know fellow students and hear their stories. Laurel was genuine in her caring and fun at the same time!

I have been surprised by how much I’ve already focused my business goals thanks to Laurel’s class. I’ve really pushed myself to accomplish a variety of tasks to help bring my business to a more professional place. I would recommend this class to anyone starting a mosaic business.

- Susan M, California

And More...

I attribute having a professional mosaic studio today to taking the Business of Mosaics class with Laurel True. I consider the information she passed on in this class as my mosaic business bible, as I refer to the information regularly. Laurel delivers clear and concise step-by-step instruction on so many aspects of the business side of mosaics from developing a vision and goals and a business plan all the way to how to write contracts and apply for public art calls and commissions. I would encourage everyone to take this class and benefit from her depth of knowledge in this area. I have a thriving mosaic business creating large-scale architectural mosaics that I have installed in businesses and residences in the U.S. and Mexico because of this class.
- Rochelle Schueler, Wild Rose Artworks, Bend, OR

Laurel has fast-tracked my creative process through her vast knowledge of mosaic making of any size. Her encouragement to "do your own thing," creatively speaking, together with all of the important practical skills, has allowed me to to do whatever fits my interest. I’ve done many classes and workshops with Laurel over a ten-year span and it has enabled me to do what I love - to work small and create decorative pieces that I sell in local shops and art markets.
- Lori Hogan, New Orleans

Laurel True's willingness to teach and share her abundance of mosaic knowledge and business expertise has benefited me for years! My launch and continual full-time mosaic business has its roots in all that I learned in her Business of Mosaics course. Everything from launching, marketing, pricing projects, writing proposals and contracts, and SO MUCH MORE! A regular "Start You Own Business" course could never have offered me the kinds of specific and valuable knowledge that I received in the Business of Mosaics course. It has been PERFECT for starting and running my professional mosaic business. I'm forever grateful!
As a long-time student of Laurel’s (including being a student in her in-person, weekend intensive version of this course) my mind was blown away by all the new information included in this Masterclass. Laurel’s 30+ years of invaluable experience, the more than 100 instructional videos, extensive handouts, and invaluable business form templates were generously offered in this comprehensive Masterclass.
This course is definitely the perfect fit for anyone wanting to start or grow a mosaic business! Laurel's workbook and teaching videos are my all-important, "go to" guides!! 
As a mosaic artist and business owner, I can say there is no other resource that could assist me in running my business like this. 
- Vicki M, Ohio

Laurel True with Mosaic Butterfly

You were born with potential...
You were born with greatness...
You were born with wings...
Learn to use them and fly.

Laurel True in front of "You are Amazing" mosaic mural

About Laurel True

Laurel True is an artist, teacher and advocate of creative expression. Through her studio, True Mosaics Studio, she has specialized in creative placemaking, public art and architectural mosaics for the past 30 years. She has created architectural installations, mosaic murals and sculptural forms for parks, transit systems, streetscapes, hospitals, social and education centers, and commercial and residential spaces across the US and in Haiti, Europe, Mexico, South and Central America and Africa.

She has an active studio practice through which she explores concepts of beauty, identity and perception using juxtapositions of materials and iterative processes.

Laurel co-founded the Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, California and has fostered education in the mosaic arts through teaching and speaking around the world. She is Founding Director of Global Mosaic Project, which provides art education and entrepreneurial training to underserved communities in urban and developing areas through socially engaged art. True has trained thousands of students, volunteers, artists, teachers and community members in the creation of over 200 projects globally that contribute to environmental beautification, economic and community development, well-being and social justice.

Laurel apprenticed with artist Isaiah Zagar after receiving a degree in African Studies from University of Wisconsin. She has studied at Studio Arte del Mosaico in Ravenna, Italy; Universite Chiek Anta Diop in Dakar, Senegal; Parsons School of Design in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago.  She participated in/partnered with TEDWomen, International Urban Mosaic Intervention in Chile, International Community Mural Arts Program in Turkey through the US State Department, Partners In Health, Build Health International, and the United Nations. She has self-published two books about her work with communities in Haiti.

With a keen interest in mindfulness practices, mind-body connection, and investing in the success of others, Laurel has helped countless people get in touch with their creativity, launch or strengthen their creative practice, spearhead mosaic projects, and launch their own businesses. She believes that we are all creative being and that creative expression is inextricably linked to well-being.

Laurel teaches workshops online and in person from her bases in Portland, OR and New Orleans, as well as around the world. She teaches yearly retreats and training workshops in France and Mexico.

Access to Course Materials

Course materials will be available for registered students indefinitely.

Cancellation Policy

True Mosaics Studio reserves the right to cancel any class. If True Mosaics Online cancels a class, you will receive a full refund or credit for another class (if available).

Up until the first day of course material release: Your registration fee will be refunded in full.
After the first day of course material release: No refunds or credits will be given.

Note: This is a professional development seminar. In order to successfully contextualize the information presented, it is recommended that students have a working knowledge of mosaic making. Technical mosaic making or designing is not part of this course.

If you have more questions about the Business of Mosaics Masterclass, please feel free to reach out.